2016 Organizers

Steering Committee
Denyse Rodrigues, MSVU – Chair
Jeannie Bail, MUN
Simon Bonnell, SMU
Josh Dickison, UNB
Simon Lloyd, UPEI
Erin Patterson, Acadia
Kathryn Reddy,CAUL/CBUA
Andrea Stewart, NSCC
Ann Smith, Acadia
Terri Milton, MSVU

Logistics & Local Arrangements Committee
Simon Bonnell
Katie Puxley
Denyse Rodrigues, Co-lead
Andrea Stewart, Co-lead

Program Committee
Jeannie Bail
Josh Dickison
Corinne Gilroy
Simon Lloyd, Lead
Lynn MacGregor
Ann Smith

Sponsorship Committee
Tanja Harrison
Terri Milton, Lead
Denyse Rodrigues

Volunteer & Delegate Support Committee
Terri Milton
Katie Puxley

Web & Promotions Committee
Mary Lou Conrad
Roger Gillis
Seungkyoo Lee
Maggie Nielsen
Kathryn Reddy, Lead
Britanie Wentzell
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